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by SharpSymbols
March 19, 2017

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5 Creative Greeting Cards Idea

by kolemafija
March 15, 2017

5 Greeting Card Postcard

5 Creative and Simple Greeting Card You can
Sent to all of your: Friends Girlfriend or Boyfriend Or just a Birthday card, Printed or just send them all over the internet :)

1. Lick Me until Ice cream

ice cream-02

This is more for Girls If you know what I mean, little naughty and little cute. But always Great to set up the mood.

2. Talk Dirty to Me


 Talk Dirty to me, Wait … Not that kind of Dirty I mean naughty ..:).And also turuturu turu ru that is the song.

2. Life Without You Is unbearable

bear bear-01

2 Little Cute Bear in love, Cuddling in the clouds Adorable…
You know who you like to send the cards to…


2. Cheesy Birthday Card


Do you know what is the good part for sending this card? You can send it and still be creative Cool and Cheesy.

2. Donut Worry


Great Greeting Card to sent it with Donuts :).
But be Careful not to send it to your friend who got diabetes.

If you got More Custom made Postcard like this Be sure to follow us on Facebook. Or you got an idea for a custom made postcard message us.

Creative Logo Idea With Cute Animals

by kolemafija
March 10, 2017

Here is an 8 Creative logo Idea with animals using negative space with cute animals


1.Check Mark DogSharp Post 1-02

Smart use of negative space of the dog this can be used of the dog bull terrier, the balance is perfect between the eyes down to the mouth

3.Cat CocktailSharp Post 1-02

Need a drink? Great implementation of the cocktail within the cat connection the tale with the cat making it perfect fit

4.Horse and DogSharp Post 1-02

Great for veterinarian hospital Using the horse nose making a dog Genius.

4.Mama Bear & Little BearSharp Post 1-02

This can be used with almost all animals with the negative space with the legs great Logo Idea to motivate

5.Rabit With a CarrotSharp Post 1-02

The best Fit instead using the legs now with got a rabbit uses his hand to make a carrot great use of the designer hands also :)

6.Dogs CareSharp Post 1-02

Use of the Dogs Ear to creative the negative space of the hand and the shape of the dog holding it to create beautifull logo

7.Pelican BirdSharp Post 1-02

Letter Logo uses the negative P for Pelican

8.Penguin CoffeSharp Post 1-02

This is something ours from Penguin with a belly bean coffee

Video Animation how we work

by kolemafija
February 26, 2017

We created this Video animation to help the client get to know how is the steps of the graphic designer on a short note

Hope you enjoyed this video animation.

Now an explanation how we work with our words.


The first link to the designer and the client,

As designers, we need to have ready made brief that he already know what he’s questioning is.

The client needs to follow the brief and be specific, too much info is bad as a too little information.

2. Research

The designer needs to look for the research everywhere with similar branding, and even in our past draft work on a similar project.


This is the creative part.After the brief is read the designer need to start the concept and brainstorm, be creative and have fun :). Yes that is all he need because at this point everything he created it will follow Within the presentation/


This is important steps that almost every designer or company making mistakes.This is not presentation this is the proposal of the design some times to the other team designers sometimes even to the client,


After the proposal sent to the client or the other team members, the presentation is the key to sale your design.Create design guidelines.Don’t Create the brand elements that will follow the brand along the way.


This part is the feedback from the client this can last the most time of the presentation but I hope you will create great brand and show it to the world :)