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  • Background information

  • E.g. The app allows our customers to browse and purchase anvils on their mobile phone.
  • Visual style

  • Tip: Providing any thoughts on colors, illustration or photography will help guide designers.
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    Tip List website you like.( website links can help a lot with the app design) EG www.sharpsymbols.com
  • E.g. I like the homepage of the website, the colors and imagery used as well as the menu and buttons.
  • Content details

  • Tip: How do people use your app? How do users move around from screen to screen? E.g. From the home screen users can either search or browse our range of anvils. From a search results or category page they can go through to an anvil details page. Here they can enter a quantity to purchase and add them to a shopping cart and checkout.
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